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Parkfield Insulation is the Icynene Licensed Dealer for Icynene products for new and existing construction within Ostander and the surrounding area.

Icynene® spray foam insulation offers superior insulation performance for increased energy efficiency and sustainable design. Icynene® was created with three objectives in mind – to create healthier, quieter, more energy-efficient indoor environments. Icynene® foam insulation is suitable for steel- or wood-framed residential or commercial construction. Icynene® foam is considered a "green building product," which adds peace of mind to any construction project.

No project is too small or too big, and no area or shape is too difficult to insulate. The Icynene product was created so that homeowners and trade professionals can reap the benefits of a comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthier indoor environment. It's a smart investment that will benefit your project in many ways for years to come.

Approximate Icynene® Insulation Cost for Various Styles of Home


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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation - More than 25 Years of Safe and Proven Performance